Wednesday, December 13, 2006

It has been too long!

The Mother Artist

One thing I HAVE done since I commited to keeping a blog, is WRITE in my journal has done wonders for me personally, creatively and mostly for my spiritual development. My goal is to continue and commit to my artistic journey and 'make the turns' where and when needed. Acknowledge and appreciate the valleys and be humble and grateful for the peaks.....

This all may seem a bit 'cryptic' but then, when most of your comments are spam about auto insurance, does it really matter? By the way Geico, Progressive and WHAT EVER OTHER SCHLEPPER decides to post their wares.....why don't you click on my link and bid on some art! ;))

“The Mother Artist” according to the 1890’s edition of “Vivilore” is the mother who masters everything revolving around the home. She cooked feasts (three times a day of course!), sewed couture-like garments for her family, and kept an impeccable home….All while being the mentor and inspirational mother and the beautiful, dutiful, and loving wife. Over 100 years later, the ‘mom’ has come a long way! Today, she is still all these things as well as a genuine artist in the true sense, using all her spare time to creating art and enriching her spirit! ;)
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  • later this evening.

    Monday, October 23, 2006

    Rambling to myself


    I’m so wimpy about cold weather…’s about 30 degrees for the high in Indy and it’s upper 50’s here in Charlotte….and I’m STILL freezing my tush off! :P

    I’ve meant to blog over the past couple of days but the days have really flown by since last Wednesday.

    I have to start with my thoughts on the finale of PR….I was really pleasantly surprised with the ending. I was not really rooting for Jeffrey (the winner) at all, but ended up being pretty happy for him. When the runway shows were finally televised, it was Uli that I was swept away by!…..Her style was really refined but with her sense of whimsy and flare for color. I thought I would have been rooting for Laura but it really was kind of a let down….mind you I’d wear her stuff in a minute….but in the spirit of what Project Runway is about “finding the new American fashion designer” her pieces were awesome, but they were not totally innovative. Michael, was a complete let down….but he’s still going to be a huge success. Anyway, those are my thoughts. I’m counting the days til the next season is here….but I have a feeling that will be a loooong way aways. Now, I’m stuck with America’s Next Top Model for my fashion inspiration.

    Last weekend was kind of a bust in that we were supposed to go to the Martinsville race with pit and garage passes, but our connection fell through….I guess you have to be approved by NASCAR 14 days in advance of the race to have those kinds of credentials….they even do some sort of a background check for security purposes ala life after 9-eleven. I’m not a huge NASCAR fan myself, but going to Martinsville, Virginia would have been a fun experience!

    So, instead we did some mini road trips around rural Charlotte and ran into another LAME flea market. What the heck is up with this state??? I thought for sure I would run into junk yard heaven here because of all the farmland and old homes around. UGH….that’s one thing I’m missing about Indy is my old thrift store, junk store and flea market haunts!

    I doodled a lot too and ended up creating something in the ACEO format I liked enough to put up for
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  • tonight. I had a hard time putting a title to it….hopefully this one will sell for a higher amount than the last one! I’m beginning to wonder how I’m going to pull off being a full time artist….

    Wednesday, October 18, 2006

    Beehive Yourself! (C'mon! You know you want one!)

    Beehive Yourself! (C'mon!  You know you want one!)

    After having the Project Runway Marathon on for the past 12 HOURS, I was inspired to create some of my fashion art. No real connection to the show and beehives by the way.

    If you watch the show, who the heck is going to win??? Who do you want to win??


    (btw, 'make it work!!!)

    Tuesday, October 17, 2006

    For Inspiration.....

    My Faves of Yours (Reds Oranges Violets Blues and Blacks)

    Really wet and rainy today here…..hard to get inspired in such dreery weather… instead of telling you about how UN-inspired I was, I went through all of my favorite photographers and artists images and made one of those Flickr collages…..I selected them by color….reds into oranges into violets into deep blues into darkness.

    After spending sometime looking at all the variety and colors, I forgot all about the rain and went back up to the studio to work!

    As a courtesy to these talented people, here are the titles they gave to these fabulous images:

    She doesn't look back., and THE HORSE NEIGH

    Second Row, Left to Right: West, brotherly love, veggies, SUGAR PLUM GARY****** ;)) bon bon* LOOP*, and Living in Rome

    Third Row, Left to Right: the yellow crown, Created by Nik!, Angels*Sky ( For My Dear Friends..), Created by Nik!, and THE CYCLIST

    Fourth Row, Left to Right: A pillar of night, Untitled, Story, Blue souls, and peacocks caged

    Fifth Row, Left to Right: Crystal Weather, Ricardo Wang, broadway, Cover Your Springy Heart In The Apple Of Your Eye, For It May Become A Saggar-like Creature [Piece 2], and misery is a butterfly..... part 2

    And, a list of the URLs….be sure and check these pieces and other great works of theirs:

    REDS (First Row)

    ORANGES (Second Row)

    VIOLETS (Third Row)

    BLUES (Fourth Row)

    DARK BLUES BLACK (Fifth Row)

    Monday, October 16, 2006

    Anyone Missing a Button?

    Anyone Missing a Button?

    Being true to my word about blogging every day, here I am!

    Mondays, even if they’re a holiday they are always so, well, “so-so”; and it ALWAYS takes me twice as much coffee to get anything done!

    “Anywho” (as my dear Grandma would say!) Since I’m working from home now, I have kinda designated “Mondays” for house-cleaning, literally and figuratively. You know do more of the annoying organizational things than anything else. Like, for example, collect all those buttons I had scattered everywhere and finally put them up on ebay

    As much as I love buttons, I never end up using them because they are so precious!….especially the teeny tiny bone ones with the four holes! I have the same problem with beads too….I could have a whole room dedicated to beads and buttons, but I just will never ever have the heart to use them.

    So, when the drawers, boxes and jars of these goodies just get too full, I let them go to someone who’ll actually use them!…..Bye-bye little buttons, may you button up something beautiful!

    Sunday, October 15, 2006

    Let's go on a hike!

    Branching Out

    What is going ON with me??? I'm on this huge kick of exploring anything and everything here in my new state. It's like I can't get enough of it. I dragged my boyfriend Mike bright and early this morning to see what this nature preserve was like near our place. Ended up that it was a "nature preserve under design---DO NOT TRESPASS!" So, what do we do? We trespass!

    There was a trail that outlined the treeline along this clearing so we walked along it.....looking here and there at the trees...occassionally we'd here something strange in the trees...Mike kinda was spooked because he thought we'd eventually get chased by some farmer who actually owned the land or some serial killer that decided to hide out there. It was pretty funny because here we were in broad daylight and any little rustling sound that wasn't caused by our feet made us look this way and that! I just kept wanting to walk and see what was around the next bend....but we finally decided to head back.

    I was actually ok with it, because my hangover from too many Heinekens was starting to kick in....such the nature girl, eh?

    For the first time in a LOOOONG time I decided to put up some's an ACEO I call "Somewhere, Someday"....a tiny ode and oath to going to Europe Summer 2008. A Flickr friend mentioned that Vienna was a great place to visit, especially to go see the Hundertwasser architecture. Anyway, here's what I did today....I usually don't finish art in a single sitting, but this one just flowed!


    It's up for auction now. If you're interested click HERE


    Saturday, October 14, 2006

    Presence in the Moment

    Presence in the Moment

    Unfolding on a new morning in the unfoldedness...spiritual lives...orientation....souls need...happy acceptance...get of now...western culture...orientation...the loneliness...the sadness...the avoided...the meaning of being human...experience the now and allowing...patience...cultural conspiracies...degress...permission to be where you are...there can be some joy found in sadness...dream of a rock and a daffodil...resonance...simple...image...emerge...connection...deep inside the soul...allowing the images to speak to you...freedom of flying...paying attention to the soul for clues...pretection...retreat...the power of now...surround and and life...themes...concrete courtyards...majestic...national strength...quote...matix...eight...quote...twenty two...worry about where something is going...healing gardens...expand and explore...synonymy...stimuli...reach out...hummingbirds and the essence...freedom...autonomy...blessings...respect...society...exclusivity...discovery of self...humanity ownership...depth...modesty...respect...alluring...sensuous...share...trails of connectivity...paths towards peace...seaching for sanctity...validity of self...journey journal...grace and hearts and old souls...numbers...6 year and a half...chosen...learning...nature made...hurdling vocabulary...critics...graceful...amazing...survival...realization...reaching out...discovering spiritual journeys...somewhere along the more in progress...versus the destination.

    Just a couple of thoughts.